Thera-Clean Treatments

For deep clean skin, hair follicles and pores, try a Thera-Clean treatment. Using this amazing microbubble technology, we perform a 15-20 minute soak and cleanse, in addition to a bath, tidy-up or spa groom.

P.S. Thera-Clean also works GREAT for dogs that have been skunked!!!

An add-on treatment is $30, and will only be done on dogs with no major skin problems. This does not include your grooming costs.

For serious skin problems, infections, etc., including mange, dermatitis, mites, yeast, staph, and more, we recommend a 3-5 bath session.

This is $150, and includes 3-5 Thera-Clean treatments within a 30-day period. This does not include any additional grooming services.

Want to check out some before and after photos? Visit the Thera-Clean Gallery!