Thera-Clean Treatments

For deep clean skin, hair follicles and pores, try a Thera-Clean treatment. Using this amazing microbubble technology, we perform a 15-20 minute soak and cleanse, in addition to a bath, tidy-up or spa groom.

P.S. Thera-Clean also works GREAT for dogs that have been skunked!!!

Prices are based on dog size.

Add-On Treatment (this does not include your base bath or grooming price!!)

  • Small Dogs – $30
  • Medium Dogs – $40
  • Large Dogs – $50

For serious skin problems, infections, etc., including mange, dermatitis, mites, yeast, staph, and more, we recommend a 5 bath session. This allows you to see the full benefit of the treatments, while saving you from paying the additional base bath price.

5 Thera-Clean Treatment Package (this includes your base bath, BUT NOT ADDITIONAL GROOMING!)

  • Small Dogs – $150
  • Medium Dogs – $200
  • Large Dogs – $250

Want to check out some before and after photos? Visit the Thera-Clean Gallery!